Cameras, Computers, & Hardware

PTZ Optics (Cameras)
PTZOptics offer a variety of Point-Tilt-Zoom cameras with SDI, HDMI, NDI, and USB outputs. Cameras are classified by zoom capabilities, 12x, 20x and 30x. The company offers a lot of online videos and support. Customer service is good and these cameras tend to be budget friendly. They also sell the cheapest PTZ camera controller.

Logical Increments (PC Building) – FREE
Logical Increments is a free resource for PC building. The site lists compatible components at various levels to help simplify shopping for PC parts.

Elgato Cam Link 4K
If you need a super simple way to get an HDMI feed into a computer, this is the way to go. It’s basically plug and play. Works right away. It’s one of the cheapest quality capture cards available. HDMI to USB A.

Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic design is one of my first stops for video converter boxes. They have an impressive list of capture cards and production switchers. Their prices are very competitive and are usually worth considering when looking for a streaming setup.

Roland has some really nice 4-input HDMI and SDI video switchers. If you’re looking for a hardware switch the V-1HD and V-1SDI are options worth exploring (one is HDMI the other is SDI).

Audio & Video Software

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) – FREE
Free, open source, cross platform software for streaming and recording video. Powerful tool, though has some quirks. Takes a little bit of fiddling to get settings right, but software is under current development and used my streamers around the world. Has a few limitations.

Wirecast (Streaming Software)
High-end software for streaming and recording video. Easy to use interface. Can stream to multiple destinations. Wirecast Studio cost varies depending on features. I’m a fan of Wirecast, though it does have some issues.

vMix (Streaming Software) – FREE OPTION
Another powerful software streaming solution. I don’t personally have much experience with vMix, but people I know recommend it. It does have a free tier with limitations.

iMovie (Editing Software) – FREE
If you’re running on a Mac or have access to a Mac and want free editing tools, iMovie is worth looking into.

DaVinci Resolve – FREE OPTION
DaVinci Resolve is a high end editing tool that offers a free version of the software. The software is on a level with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere. If you’re looking for a solid editor with a lot of features but don’t have a budget for FCPX or Adobe, check out DaVinci.

Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate
If you’re recording your services and just need something to trim the beginning and end of the recording, clip out the sermon, or choirs singing, Wondershare Video Convertor is a simple, cross-platform utility that will meet all of your needs.

Audacity – FREE
Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio editing tool. It’s under constant development and has a lot of great features.

Streaming Services

Facebook – FREE
Facebook offers free live-streaming and is a great way to reach people who like your page. Offers features like sharing, commenting, and liking. A great place to start your stream.

YouTube – FREE
YouTube offers the ability to stream live for free. I don’t have much experience with live streaming on YouTube, but I’d be cautious in relying on the platform due to the overzealous content-id system. If worship music is flagged as copy written your account could be flagged or even suspended. – (Paid) offers restreaming services for very reasonable prices. Starting at $9.99 a month this is a great option if you’re looking to send your video to Facebook & YouTube at the same time.

Dacast – (Paid)
Dacast is a paid streaming service with reasonable rates that I have used at Bethany Lutheran College and Peace Lutheran Church (North Mankato) to embed a live stream of an event. They offer a few different plans, plenty of features, and even have a no credit card required free trial.

Vimeo Live Streaming – (Paid)
New to the streaming game is Vimeo. At $75/month the service is a bit expensive, but it comes with streaming software, allows you to embed the video on your site, and can output the stream to Facebook, YouTube, and others. I haven’t had a chance to play with this yet, but I think it looks like it’s worth checking out.

Images & Video

Lutheran Stock Photos – FREE Public Domain Photos
Free public domain images for Lutheran churches. Full disclosure, I created and run this site. It’s completely free, built from the ground up for Lutheran artists and photographers to share their photos with churches.

Pixabay – FREE Public Domain Photos & Video
High quality public domain photos. Most are free for personal and commercial use with no attribution required. Also includes some video content, vector graphics, and illustrations.

Pexels – FREE Public Domain Photos & Video
High quality public domain photos. Free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required. Also includes some video content.

Unsplash – FREE Public Domain Photos
High quality public domain photos. Most are free for personal and commercial use with no attribution required.

Lightstock – Faith based stock photos/videos/graphics for purchase
Lightstock has a large collection of worship and Bible themed photos, videos, vector artwork, and motion graphics. They do offer a free photo download each week and free video clip each month. Photo credits start at $12/each with discounts for subscriptions and credit packs.

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