2 Camera Streaming Sample Setup

Recently I was looking into options for a church on the east coast. They were looking for a 2 PTZ setup on the cheap. Looking at options, I came up with this solution. Total cost should be under $6,000, with most of that being the cost of the cameras.

PTZOptics 20x SDI Cameras ($1699)

My goto camera is the PTZOptics. I like their customer service and their cameras offer simultaneous output over both SDI and HDMI. They also have POE, so if you don’t have power nearby you can supply it via the Cat5 cable that is providing control.

Roland V-1HD ($995)

This little switcher accepts 4 HDMI in and sends HDMI out. Plug in your audio via RCA connections. You’ll need a cheap LCD monitor with HDMI to run your multiview. (Multiview comes out of the Preview output on the back.)

Elgato HD60 S ($179)

While I don’t have a lot of experience with this particular model, Elgato is dominating with their Cam Link 4K. The benefit to this model is that it has latency free HDMI pass thru. This means that if you need your video to go to TV screen somewhere in the church you don’t need any additional splitters.

IP Camera Controller ($649)

Again, I default to the PTZOptics IP controller, but you could also opt to skip the controller and use an iPad or Android App to control the cameras if you have a spare device lying around.

Computer Requirements

This setup assumes you have a computer that you could use to stream using OBS or vMix. (Something free.) Since the hardware is doing all the heavy lifting, the PC doesn’t need to be quite as beefy, but you’ll still want a little bit of power behind it. If you’re planning to record using the PC, you’ll also need to make sure the computer can handle it.

(Optional) Blackmagic Video Assist ($495)

Another option for recording in this setup is to use something like the Blackmagic Video Assist. It’s a small monitor with HDMI loopthru and records to an SD card. If you wanted a hard copy recorded, you could use one of these placed between the Elgato and the local TV to record.

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