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Streaming & Recording Church

We’re blessed to live at a time when audio and video content is easy to create, share, and distribute. With the push of a few buttons we can broadcast the gospel message to the entire world. As Christians, we should take every opportunity to share the good news of salvation in every way we can. If you are thinking about streaming and recording I’d be happy to help you get started.

How Can I Be Helpful?

Streaming & Recording

Whether you’re just starting to think about streaming or you’re looking to upgrade your current system, I’d be happy to help. Whether it’s answering questions or doing part of the design and install, I’m able to assist in whatever way is most helpful.

Design & Installations

Over the last few years I’ve helped a handful of WELS & ELS churches design and install streaming and recording systems. I’ve worked with professional hardware switchers and software controlled systems. I’m available to help with designing and installing as needed.

Consulting & Training

Don’t really know what you want? Wondering about other options or easy ways to improve your current system? I’m able to walk you through options, offer advice, and even provide training for cameras, social media, and online distribution options.

Hi, I’m Philip.

Hi. I’m a video production specialist with a background in live broadcast, streaming video, video production, and post-production. I currently film, edit, and distribute weekly video devotions for the ELS. I also produces a bi-monthly audio podcast with a WELS pastor. I believe that every church should be recording and posting their sermons and my goal is to help them in whatever capacity I can.

Where do I start?

Every church has different needs, different goals, and different budgets. Here are things to consider as you begin thinking about streaming.

  • Will this video go other rooms of your building or only online?
  • What is your goal for the final product?
  • How much control do you want?
  • Is your congregation “tech savvy”? Will you have people to run the system?
  • What kind of budget is set aside for this?

Churches I’ve Helped

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